Colts’ offense is promising

Andrew Luck

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The Colts returned to work following Saturday’s preseason loss to the New York Giants with a lot of optimism, particularly on the offensive end.

“I think we’ve done some good things,” said Colts’ quarterback Andrew Luck.  “We moved the ball, we got points on the board. I wish we could score more points obviously and convert in the red zone, but I think we’ve done a decent job on third down and in some situations, but could always be better.”

Luck told reporters they’ve shown a great deal of the offense despite playing minimally in the first two games.

“You’ve got to work on things, so you’ve got to go out and do them,” said Luck.  “There’s always things that come up during the regular season that you don’t use during the preseason, but I don’t think we’re too concerned about holding back everything.”

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