Town of Fortville owes $2300 in fines for late pension payments

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The good news for the town of Fortville is they are all caught up with back payments owed to the state’s pension program.

The bad news is the town owes $2300 in late fees.

Clerk-Treasurer Marcie Stafford says it will likely be up to her to pay the fines back, although she told I-Team 8 Tuesday that no one from INPRS mentioned them to her.

An INPRS spokeswoman confirmed to I-Team 8 that the late fees would be due during the next pay period.

Stafford admits she failed to transfer money into the Public Employee Retirement Fund for several weeks this summer – money that came out of officers’, firefighters’ and other town employees’ paychecks.

Stafford blamed it on her heavy workload and computer issues.

Earlier this month, the council voted to hire her an assistant – something she complained about to state auditors more than a year ago.

Police Chief Bill Knauer accused her of keeping odd hours – he claimed that prevented town business from getting accomplished.

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