Residents in Dunkirk left in high waters

JAY COUNTY, Ind. (WISH) – Dunkirk, located in Jay County, has a population just over 2,300. Heavy rains pounded down on the small city leaving some roads and homes flooded.

“It looked like a river, I had five and half inches in the garage it was all the way around the garage,” said Rickey Newsome.

High water signs were posted throughout the city warning drivers to avoid roads that were impassable.

Despite the flooding, residents were reluctant to point fingers at the town’s drainage system. Instead, some believe it was just too much rain all at once, and it had nowhere to go which caused the streets to flood.

“We have to tolerate it. We’ve done all that we can do, it’s up to Mother Nature she’ll take it away,” said resident Don Bantz.

No injuries were reported. However, there were reports that crews asked some residents to leave their homes when the water got too high, but those waters later receded.

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