Docs: Day care worker was warned not to hold children

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A man charged with child molesting for an incident at a day care had been warned twice before not to pick up girls for no reason, court documents reveal.

Ali Al-Awadi was charged with Level 3 felony child molesting after a 4-year-old girl came forward and said he inappropriately touched her, causing pain. The accusations stem from his time working at Children’s Choice Learning Center, which is a day care on the grounds of St. Vincent Hospital.

Al-Awadi said in interviews with day care staff and police that the girl wrapped her legs around his arm while he was picking her up to get her to go to sleep. He blamed any injury on that, saying she must have rubbed up against his watch.

Day care staff didn’t immediately call the girl’s parents, despite a policy to call parents for even the smallest injury, the probable cause affidavit said. The day care also delayed in reporting the incident to the Department of Child Services.

In the past, day care staff warned Al-Awadi there was no need to pick up children who were capable of walking on their own, court documents said.

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