Pet Pals TV: Service Dogs in Training

Service Dogs are highly, specially trained dogs who complete a task for a human…turn on lights, pick up things, help with laundry, help with autism, hearing, etc…
The first months of a potential Service Dog’s life are spent with a qualified Puppy Raiser. There are volunteers all over the country. There job is to see if the puppy has the potential to be a Service Dog.  Half of them do not have the personality to make it, and they become pets. It’s tough to be a Service Dog. Brandt Carter has been a puppy raiser for years,  and Nolan is a puppy she will train for about 16 months then he goes on to the his next trainer. It’s like going to college.
CCI is holding a fundraiser, a drive in movie night, on September 13th with doggie movies.

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