Noah’s Animal Hospital goes Hi Tech to bring the hope of healing for local pets.

“Advances in diagnostics such as ultrasound, echocardiography, digital x-rays and even MRI’s are becoming more and more accessible in veterinary medicine and detect disease processes much earlier”,  says Tom Dock with Noah’s Animal Hospital. This means that illnesses such as cancer that once carried a grim prognosis for pets are now considered treatable and often with a good outcome.

Noah’s Animal Hospital has multiple locations bringing advance technology to Central Indiana. Advances surgery and diagnostics create hope and healing for pets and their owners. Despite all these advances, it’s important to remember that veterinarians will never let diagnostics and modern equipment take the place of a good physical exam and getting a complete history. There may be “high tech” tools, but this still remains a very “high touch” profession. Visit them at their new Stop 11 location, 4625 East S Stop 11 Road, Indianapolis. This practice has only the second open sided MRI unit for pets in the entire state.   Advances in human medicine seem to occur on a daily basis as research and new technology bring new possibilities and hope of healing. Now, pet owners can join in the excitement of these amazing advancements.

Things like laser technology can make it possible to reduce surgical pain and bleeding and shorten surgery time. Endoscopy can retrieve objects from a pet’s gastrointestinal tract and bypass surgery all together. Arthroscopes and laparoscopes make joint and abdominal surgeries almost seem like minor procedures.

Tendon and bone problems that once spelled the end of a career for equine and canine athletes can be diagnosed much sooner, often before the animal has any pain, so that treatment begins before devastating trauma occurs. Rehabilitation techniques have improved as well!



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