Flash mob helps fight hunger

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Dozens of Hoosiers used their lunch break on Wednesday to fight hunger.

Nearly 100 volunteers from 25 different Indianapolis companies took part in a planned flash mob along Monument Circle.

Bicyclists not only rallied for change, they donated non-perishable items to the Midwest Food Bank.

Organizers say hunger is something that affects thousands of Hoosiers every day.

“One out of six Hoosiers is facing food insecurity. Tens of thousands of kids go to school, everyday, in the Indianapolis community, hungry. It’s an issue that transcends age, it transcends demographics. And I think it’s something that if I or if anyone has the opportunity to become involved with, it’s something that you can have an immediate impact and certainly a lasting impact too,” said volunteer Stewart Burns.

The group used the hashtags “Circling Hunger” and “IndyDoDay” to promote Wednesday’s event.

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