Smoke Free Indy hosts meeting on e-cigarettes

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Smoke Free Indy worries that “vaping” with e-cigarettes could be just as dangerous as using real cigarettes.

The organization held a meeting Thursday night to help people understand the appeal of e-cigarettes with the goal of reducing their appeal among young people.

Pure Vape Indy, located on West Washington Street in Indy, sells e-cigarettes and similar products.

“Absolutely love ‘em,” Danny Dugan told 24-Hour News 8.

Dugan manages the store and says he smoked cigarettes for 15 years, until getting an e-cigarette as a gift.

“It took one day to quit. And I have not had one since. It’s been almost two years,” he said.

“There are no long-term studies on the health effects of e-cigarettes. How could there be? They came out in 2003,” Dr Richard Feldman, a former State Health Commissioner, said.

Dr. Felder and others at the meeting on Thursday night believe people are trading one addiction for another when using e-cigarettes. E-cigs may be less toxic than cigarettes, but, not necessarily harmless.

“Just anything that we’re putting into our lungs, to me, sounds pretty dangerous.  But I think that people just really don’t know the effects.  They don’t really know,” Karlee Macer, a state legislator, said.

Dugan doesn’t dispute that – not entirely. But, he says e-cigarettes reduce the amount of nicotine he inhales.

“Breathing the air outside is dangerous and putting anything in your lungs is dangerous. It really is. But this is a lesser evil than cigarettes,” Dugan said.

Attorney Ross Silverman said the makers can advertise e-cigarettes as a lifestyle product, as long as they don’t claim the e-cigs will help someone quit smoking. Changes may be coming.

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