Joe Journeyman

joebooksIt’s a unique story of friendship and football, all put together in a new search adventure book about the spectacular tale of Joe Journeyman, the only player to play for all 32 NFL teams. Joe Journeyman Volume 1 shares the creative, fictional story of Joe Journeyman, as he and his best friends travel from one NFL team to the next. Within each of the 16 NFL cities featured in Joe Journeyman Volume 1, readers are challenged to find:

• Joe Journeyman
• Joe’s playbook
• Joe’s friends (Touchdown Ted the Turtle, Super Fan Franny the Fox, End Zone Ernie the
Elephant, Leon the Lion and Pom Pom Polly, as well as his nemesis Copy Cat Carl)
• …plus all of the wildjoemascot and wacky things along the way (24 items per team)

Tracy got to chat with both the president of IDNA Brands and the artist behind Joe Journeyman and how their friendship reunited after 13 years!

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