New tracking devices will roll out on Indiana school buses

(WISH Photo)

KOKOMO, Ind. (WISH) — Out with the old, in with the new latest GPS software that will do way more than just track 73 Kokomo school buses.

Where your child’s school bus is while en route will no longer be a mystery, thanks to new technology that will be installed by late October.

When the stop arm deploys, so will a signal that will appear on the schools administrative computer. Notification will also be sent when fog lights are turned on and when the front or emergency door opens. Where the bus is located, how fast it is going and idle times will also be logged. All important information that will take guess work away if something goes wrong.

Parents aren’t the only ones happy about the upgrades coming soon. Bus drivers are too.

“I can focus more on what’s in front of me when I am behind the wheel. I don’t have to worry about all the other stuff, just safety. My goal every day is to make sure children get home safely,” said bus driver Debbie Maxson.

School board officials said the new add-ons should give their drivers peace of mind. In the past they were called by phone or radio their location. Those days are over.

“We ask our drivers to do a lot. This is a proactive approach to keep everyone safe, both drivers and students. This technology should also give parents peace of mind. Let’s say a bus is late leaving the hub or a stop, we can retrieve answers in real time,” said David Barnes, director of communications for Kokomo School Corporation.

This will be the first major GPS upgrade in the Kokomo School buses since they were installed three years ago.

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