State, city employees investigate Ashley Madison links

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Hackers have published information from the Ashley Madison website that indicates eight email addresses from Indianapolis city government were used to establish accounts on the website.

Employees of both Indiana state government and the city of Indianapolis used official email addresses to start Ashley Madison accounts.

That is part of the information released by the hackers who accessed the website intended for married people looking to have an affair.

Investigations that may lead to punishment are underway. At this point, state and city officials are releasing little information beyond that.

Hackers have disclosed the names of people who created 33 million Ashley Madison accounts.

Some of those accounts were created from computers in the state government complex using addresses from agencies that include the state police and the Department of Correction.

Eight accounts can be traced to email addresses in the City County Building.

“They are accounts,” said Mayor Greg Ballard’s press secretary, Brad Jacklin. “I can’t confirm whether or not the individuals are still employed or if those email addresses are active.”

It’s a problem at the Pentagon where Defense Secretary Ash Carter addressed it.

“Of course it’s an issue,” he said, “because conduct is very important and we expect good conduct on the part of our people.”

And also in private homes. Reality TV star Josh Dugger has admitted that he created an Ashley Madison account.

But if it involves a government employee it may also mean the violaton of the policy that says an email account is for limited personal use.

“If your phone dies, you need to send an email to your wife, something like thatm” said Jacklin. “It does allow for that. At this point we don’t know if a violation occurs in any one of these situations. We are concerned about it.)”

A spokeswoman for state government says it will take action as appropriate, but it’s not clear what sort of punishment might take place.

Both the city and the state are investigating to determine if computer policies were violated.

Ashley Hungate of the State Personnel Department issued the following statement:

“We are currently investigating the validity of the e-mail addresses and if any were used in a way that violates the employee Information Resources Use Agreement.  If such activity is found, the State Personnel Department and affected agency will take action as appropriate.”

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