Reggie Wayne signs contract with Patriots

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Reggie Wayne wanted to go out on his terms, and it looks like he’ll get that chance as a New England Patriot.

The New England Patriots have signed free agent Reggie Wayne, Indianapolis Colts officials confirmed, after passing a physical on Sunday.

The Patriots and Wayne agreed to a one-year deal where Wayne will play for Bill Belichick.

On Sunday, several media outlets reported that former Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne was taking a physical with the Patriots.

Wayne was plagued with injuries, during his last two seasons with the Colts. A knee injury and then a tricep injury slowed Wayne down until he was a shell of himself on the field in the second half of 2014.

The wide receiver played 14 seasons for the Colts before Indianapolis released him in March.

Wayne told 24-Hour News 8 in July that he still wanted to play football and now it might be against the Colts’ biggest rival, New England.

Adam Vinatieri, who has spent a decade with both the Colts and Patriots is happy for Wayne.

“They know what they got with him or they wouldn’t have signed him,” said Vinatieri. “It will be interesting when he comes back here week four or five or whenever it is. I know our fans love him as much as anyone does so they’ll welcome him back and that neat little thing they put up top on the big screen, everyone will cheer for him and stuff, myself included you know? I think he’s one of the greatest teammates I’ve ever had. I respect the heck out of him so, I’ll be happy to see him and I just hope he doesn’t put up too many stats against us.”

Coach Chuck Pagano knows it means the world to Reggie to go out on his terms. “I think it’s obviously (a) great thing for Reggie and his family,” said Pagano. “We all know he wanted to play another year so that’s tremendous. Extremely happy for him. I’m sure everyone in this building, all his teammates (and)  all his coaches are excited for him. He’s got another opportunity.”

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