Pacers, St Vincent to build $50M downtown training center

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Pacers are joining forces with St. Vincent to build a massive training facility downtown.

“See, in our sport it seems like the players get bigger and stronger every year, and what we try to do, not only for us but for them is try to maximize their talents,” said Larry Bird, Pacers president.

But the new partnership between the organizations is going more than focusing on the team. They’re looking at you too.

“We’re open for all, everybody is welcome because we believe the compassionate, personalized approach that we have. we are holistic in treating the mind, body and spirit,” said Jonathan Nalli, St. Vincent CEO.

The Pacers will practice in the new 130,000 square foot facility. And the general public will have access to cardiology and primary care from the same doctors that work with the team.

“A person can have access, one-stop, in a state-of-the-art facility that’s very convenient to the population of downtown,” said Ralph Reiff, executive director of St. Vincent Sports Performance.

This is the first time St. Vincent will have a presence downtown.

It will be less than a block away from where St. Francis is building a similar care facility with the new CityWay YMCA. That building is set to open later this year.

St. Vincent leaders say this is about offering the best care to those who want it.

“This very clearly was a strategic decision by us to be where the population is, and to not just keep sports performance to those who are at the elite level, but to take all of those learnings and assets to every person who wants to tap into it,” said Reiff.

Pacers will build the facility and it is expected to cost $50 million. No taxpayer money is being used.

The ground breaking will be in the Fall, and its slated to open in February 2017.

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