IU dismisses Holt from basketball team after citation

Indiana University
(WISH file photo)

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (WISH) – The Indiana University basketball program released the following statement about the penalties two players will face after they were cited for illegal possession of alcohol:

Sophomore Emmitt Holt has been dismissed from the men’s basketball program effective immediately for demonstrating exceptionally poor judgment in the circumstances surrounding his recent citation, particularly coming after his involvement in the Devin Davis accident which should have motivated him to make better decisions.

Freshman Thomas Bryant, as a result of his citation, is receiving internal team discipline and is subject to additional discipline for any future failure to live up to his responsibilities to the program.

Emmit D. Holt, 19, and Thomas J. Bryant, 18, were the two Indiana University basketball players cited for illegal possession of alcohol, stated Indiana University’s Senior Assistant Athletic Director for Men’s Basketball Communications and Special Projects, J.D. Campbell.

Excise officers cited the two after uniformed officers allegedly observed each of them in possession of a bottle of vodka while they were seated in a parked vehicle.

According to police, Holt allegedly attempted to conceal a bottle of vodka as an officer walked past the vehicle.  Holt, who was a backseat passenger in the vehicle, reportedly shouted to alert the front seat passenger of the officer’s presence.  The officer then allegedly observed the front seat passenger, Bryant, attempt to conceal another bottle of vodka.

Indiana University President Michael McRobbie sent a tough message to the athletic department: It’s time for Hoosiers athletes to shape up or they may be on their way out.

Seven basketball players have gotten into trouble for drugs or alcohol over the past year and a half. Three of those players are no longer with the team.

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