Residents want out of their lease after shootout

Addison Creek residents want out of their lease after shootings. Jim, holds a shell casing he found on the scene. (WISH Photo/Julian Grace)

INDIANAPOLIS (wish) – Ashley Crowe stood with her neighbors as tears flowed down her cheeks. The single mother of five showed her pain during an interview with 24-Hour News 8.

The source of her pain stems from a Friday night shoot out at Addison Creek apartments. Stray bullets ripped through the complex and landed on cars, walls, windows and even door jams.

One of those bullets just missed Crowe’s teenage son.

“My son could have lost his life. I couldn’t protect my son. I feel worthless. I want out of here I don’t feel safe,” said Crowe.

She is not alone. Three other residents expressed their desire to get out of their contracts, but have had little help from management at the complex.

24-Hour News 8 asked management about lease agreements or about increasing security. A representative for the apartments had no comment.

Rev. Charles Harrison, with Ten Point Coalition, was called to the scene by some of the residents. Harrison in turn urged the apartment to make an investment in security, so residents felt safe.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department has responded, by putting more patrols in that area. The department recently arrested several people with guns shortly after the shootings. Some officers are even working overtime to ensure the safety of residents.

As for Crowe, she plans to pursue various options as she tries to find a place to move her family.

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