Tips for keeping your home safe

• Make sure that all doors to the outside are metal or solid, 1 3/4″ hardwood.

• Make sure all doors to the outside have good, sturdy locks.

• Use the locks you have. Always lock up your home when you go out, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

• Secure sliding glass doors with commercially available bars or locks, or put a wood dowel or broomstick in the door track.

• Make sure your windows, especially at ground level, have good locks and use them.

• Make sure all porches and other possible entrances are well-lit.

• Trim any bushes or trees that hide doors or windows. Keep ladders, tools, toys, and recreational equipment inside when you’re not using them.

• Don’t hide your house keys under the doormat or in a flowerpot. It’s much wiser to give an extra key to a trusted neighbor.

• Keep written records of all furniture, jewelry and electronic products. If possible, keep these records in a safe deposit box, fireproof safe, or other secure places. Take pictures or a video, and keep purchase information and serial numbers if available. These help law enforcement agencies track recovered items.

• Clearly display your house number, so police and other emergency vehicles can find your home quickly.

• If you see a screen that has been cut, broken windows, or a door that’s been left open, don’t go in. Call the police from a neighbor’s house or a public phone.

• If you hear a noise that sounds like someone breaking in or moving around, quietly call the police and wait calmly until they arrive. If you can leave safely, do so. Otherwise, lock yourself in the room you are in, pretend to be asleep.

• Think carefully before buying a firearm for protection. Guns can be stolen and sold to anyone, or captured and used on you or the police. If you do own a gun, keep it locked up, with the ammunition secured separately, and learn how to use it safely.

Source: Greenwood Police Department.

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