BlueIndy launches in the Circle City

(WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – BlueIndy has officially launched in Indianapolis and it is the largest electric car shaving service in the country.

“It’s very simple. It’s very cool. You first sign up as a member and you get a blue card like this.” Bob Briggs with BlueIndy said.

“There’s a key, and the key is hanging from a wire. It’s in every car, you put it in turn it one and you’re ready to go.” he added.

The service will cost the city $6 million.

“An investment in BlueIndy is in our infrastructure and in our future,” Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard said.

But the service has some taxicab drivers worried about their jobs.

“Talk to the city. City said they want to find out but they don’t do nothing for taxi. It will be harder for us to feed our family and pay our rent,” said taxicab driver Abraham Teklagres.

24-Hour News 8 took his concerns straight to the Mayor after the ribbon was cut in the opening ceremony.

“I haven’t heard that. I don’t think this is a competition for taxicab drivers. It’s a point to point service,” Ballard said.

On Wednesday, 50 BlueIndy cars hit the roads and eventually there will be 500.

Real estate agent Joe Shoemaker has lived here for 25 years, he owns a car but he still became a member.

“I put a ton of miles on my car for business every year and if I could reduce some of those it will save me money,” Shoemaker said.

The cost depends on the plan chosen by the member. A yearly membership costs $10 a month.

“One of these cars has the capability to go 150 miles on one charge but because of the agreement we have with the city you can only go 10 miles outside of Marion county right now,” Briggs said.

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