City, council reach agreement on Vision Fleet contract

Mayor Greg Ballard speaks on Vision Fleet (WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The mayor of Indianapolis and the president of the City-County Council reached an agreement on Wednesday about the Vision Fleet contract with the city.

They released the following statement:

On behalf of the Mayor’s Office and the City-County Council, it is our mutual desire to put our public disagreements over the Vision Fleet contract behind us.

Both parties recognize that each side has legitimate opposing interpretations of state and municipal bidding laws and procedures. While both parties recognize that these laws and procedures exist to protect taxpayers, those differences of legal opinions still exist. Rather than press to have our legal arguments determined by a court, however, all parties feel it is in the best interest of taxpayers to compromise.

After several days of negotiations, we have agreed to execute a settlement agreement that, in general,

  1. Maintains the current relationship with Vision Fleet until a new contract can be executed, but
  2. Immediately begins a new, open competitive process for a new contract for procuring vehicles on behalf of the City in a manner similar to the current agreement with Vision Fleet. The new contract will also provide additional protections and oversight.

We appreciate the good faith willingness of all parties to compromise in coming to this resolution.

This agreement came after the Marion County Auditor sent a letter to the council saying the Ballard administration may have illegally moved almost $300,000 from the storm water fund to make a payment on the fleet and the council sued the city over the contract.

Vision Fleet also released a statement on Wednesday:

We are relieved that the City and Council have reached a settlement agreement that will allow this successful program to continue to save money and promote energy efficiency within our municipal fleet. We look forward to seeing the terms of the new RFP.

Vision Fleet has invested millions in Indianapolis, and the results are still exceeding expectations: tens of thousands of gallons of gasoline saved, vehicles that are operating on electricity more than half the time and drivers who are safer on the road.

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