School district has unusually high amount of job openings this year

FISHERS, Ind. (WISH) — School districts in Indiana aren’t just reeling from a teacher shortage. Some have job openings across the board, and Hamilton Southeastern Schools said its numbers are unusually high.

From the cafeteria to the classroom, the district has dozens of openings it’s eager to fill. And it’s forcing staff to tack on extra hours while also filling roles they might not have expected.

There’s absolutely no shortage of students packing the halls at Fishers High School.

But there is when it comes to the people tasked with molding their minds, filling their stomachs, and giving them a ride home.

“It is not unusual to start a school year looking to fill positions of need,” said Gary Zgunda, Human Resources & Student Services Director for the district. But he added that the high number of openings this year have been unusual.

To start, the district is down 12 bus drivers, forcing other staff to hop in the driver’s seat.

“They’re qualified, they have their (commercial driver’s license), but that might not normally be their daily requirement, so it takes them out of other roles,” he said.

Food service workers at the school’s café in the College and Career Academy had their hands full this afternoon. The district could use about 15 more of them but they say applications have slowed, forcing workers to work more hours.

“Not only more hours than expected but harder during the day,” said Andria Ray, Food Services Director. “When we have people out or short-staffed, my staff current have to pick up those jobs duties and so they’re doing more with less time, or having to take more time to do them.”

Finding teachers hasn’t been a problem. What has been is making sure there are enough substitutes. The district needs about 20 of them but would be open to even more.

“Because of the (teacher) shortage, a lot of folks that have been wonderful substitutes for us over the years are getting their first classrooms and we’re very happy for them but obviously it creates a void for us,” said Zgunda.

He also feels more people are looking for a full time job, whereas the positions they have open only last the length of the school year. But he wanted to emphasize that people want to be substitutes don’t have to have a teacher’s license.

“Our ultimate goal would be to (hire people) as quickly as we can,” he said.

If you’re interested in any of those positions, the applications can be found on the district’s website or by clicking here.

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