Police: Columbus teen fabricated story about attack

Columbus Police
(WISH Photo, file)

COLUMBUS, Ind. (WISH) — Police say a 13-year-old who reported being attacked by two people in Columbus on Tuesday wasn’t telling the truth.

The boy told police he was attacked along 25th Street near Columbus North High School and that two people burned him with a cigarette and a car’s muffler.

Columbus police officials said they had concerns when the attack was initially reported, but they had to treat the report seriously and investigate it.

“When the detective met with the teenager and his family a second time and questioned him about certain details, he learned that the boy fabricated the story,” Columbus Police Sgt. Matt Harris said in a news release.

Sgt. Harris told 24-Hour News 8 partner The Republic that the boy’s injuries came from road rash sustained at a sporting event, not by being burned by a cigarette and a car muffler.

The case has been closed.

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