The benefits of foam rolling in your daily routine

foamfeetlegsHave you ever used a foam roller in YOUR fitness routine? Mike Robertson from IFAST stopped by to explain what it is, how you use one and the benefits that make it a worthy addition to your gym bag!

Here are a few!foamwide

  • Injury prevention  – by warming up with a foam roller before and after every workout, you can prevent injuries and ensure that they don’t worsen over time).
  • Faster recovery – if you’re faced with any downtime on behalf of an injury, using the foam roller to rehab these tender areas can help you heal up and get back in the game faster. Just remember to roll very slowly over the spots that hurt to prevent the pain from worsening. Also, rolling on the area a few inches above and below where it hurts is highly recommend.
  • Stress reduction – foam rolling is also a great stress reliever. So, if you’re bumped or bruises or are simply having a rough go of it, hop on a foam roller. It will not only cure what ails you, it will also give you the relief you need to make it through the busy day.

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