Attorney General releases new information to block unwanted calls

(WISH Photo, file)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) Unwanted phone calls are the most common consumer complaint the Indiana Attorney General’s office receives, with 7,500 so far this year. For that reason, it’s developed a new reference sheet of top-rated companies aimed at blocking illegal telemarketers.

While the ‘do not call’ list is effective in preventing legitimate telemarketers, it doesn’t stop the illegal telemarketers or robocallers who don’t pay attention to state and federal laws, said Attorney General Greg Zoeller.

Back in June, the Federal Communication Commission legalized call-blocking technology. Indiana’s Attorney General joined other Attorneys General nationwide and the FCC to encourage phone companies to provide a call-blocking service to their customers. Until those companies develop a plan, Zoeller’s office has put together a reference sheet to help.

“I do think this is a good first step, letting people know that help is on the way. So, if you’ve complained that you’ve gotten too many robocalls, we at least have the use of this technology and hopefully, the carriers will compete later,” said Zoeller.

The reference sheet is made up of 11 call-blocking companies. NoMoRobo is at the top of the list, rated highest by the Federal Trade Commission for best technology.

Most of the companies are no cost.

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