Gas prices soar after big drop last week

(WISH Photo/Jason Harris)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — There was a big jump in gas prices Wednesday night into Thursday morning, after that big drop over the last week.

At 71st Street and Binford Boulevard, gas prices were $2.29 Thursday morning. It could be the same story for stations all over the area throughout the day.

According to, the average price in Indianapolis will go up as high as $2.30. That’s up 30 cents in just 24 hours.

Drivers have seen some spots at $1.99 and even at $1.80. This new increase comes after months-long reports that prices will stay around the $2 mark or below through the end of the year.

Oil prices jumped about 6-percent Wednesday but so far it’s unclear if that’s led to the quick jump.

Across the state, the average is $2.21. The national average is $2.30. Before this spike, analysts were saying the average here was $1.99 but again they’re predicting that to jump to $2.30.

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