Virginia high school students suspended for wearing clothing emblazoned with Confederate flag

(WSLS Photo)

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WSLS)  – About 20 Christiansburg High School students were suspended Thursday after wearing clothing with the Confederate Flag on it.

Montgomery County Public Schools spokeswoman Brenda Drake says 22 or 23 students came to school violating the dress code. Drake says they were given the opportunity to comply with the dress code, but refused so they were given one day of in school suspension (ISS).

Drake says the students became disruptive in ISS and refused to follow school rules so the majority of them were given one day of out of school suspension.

“A few students said they would follow the rules of ISS,” said Drake, and they were allowed to stay in ISS.

This comes as a new policy was put in place preventing students from displaying the Confederate flag or decal on their cars. This is something they must agree to in a contract before receiving a parking pass.

The change was made to be more in unison with the school’s dress code.

School leaders say while a school division is not allowed to ban a specific symbol, each individual school can ban what they deem to be offensive.

An offensive symbol is determined by an incident that disrupts the education of students during the school day.

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