Boy shares letter, poignant poem with Virginia officers

(Provided Photo/Chesterfield County Police/Facebook)

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — A 13-year-old boy wrote a touching letter along with a poem to a local officer, and now it’s making waves in the community.

Colonel Thierry Dupuis recently received a letter from a boy named Dylan, according to Facebook post from Chesterfield County Police.

In the letter, Dylan expresses his gratitude for the safety and comfort he felt after a police officer came by to investigate when his home was vandalized.

“Our house was vandalized, and I was pretty scared,” Dylan wrote. “It was scary to think someone was on our property doing bad things. After the police officer left, I was able to sleep soundly because I felt safe.”

Read the letter in its entirety below:

(Photo: Chesterfield County Police/Facebook)
(Photo: Chesterfield County Police/Facebook)

“The author, Dylan, had no idea that his gesture would evoke so much emotion across our department,” the post reads.

Dylan said he “wanted to do something to thank… all the police officers in Chesterfield County.”

He decided to write a poem, titled “Police Lives Do Matter”:

(Photo: Chesterfield County Police/Facebook)
(Photo: Chesterfield County Police/Facebook)

Dylan said he also wanted to send snacks and that a care package he and his family ordered online was on the way. Dylan bought the snacks with his monthly allowance.

This gesture that seemed so small to Dylan has been an emotional reminder to the men and women of the Chesterfield County Police Department of just why they put on that uniform every day. Dylan, thank you for your kind words and support.”

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