Facebook introduces video profile pictures, new mobile options

(AP Photo/James H. Collins)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Facebook revealed some of its newest features and options for users mobile profile pages, Wednesday. They said they want to give users more ways to express who they are.

One of the features allows users to create a short looping video as the profile picture.

Another feature allows users to set temporary profile pictures that revert back to your original one automatically. For example, if you want people to know you’re one vacation, you can upload a photo that says you’re on vacation, and then a week later it will changes back to your normal one.


The company will also change the size and layout of users profile pictures. The profile picture will be bigger, and it will be centered on top of the cover photo.

Below the profile photo, it will include general info and a block of five featured photos.

The featured photos section is an option. If people do not want this on their profile, they do not have to keep it there.

In the bio section, users will now be able to include emojis.

“We’ve seen a lot of people ‘hack’ their profiles to show bits of their personality like nicknames, and we wanted to give people a new, freeform space at the top of the profile to do that,” a Facebook spokesperson says.


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