Hundreds cheer on sea turtle returned to Gulf

FORT MORGAN, Ala. (WKRG) — As soon as she hit the sand, she knew this was her beach.

She had been here before according to wildlife biologist Jackie Sablan.

“We think she was actually trying to nest but some beach goers saw her with a very severely injured right rear flipper and also some lacerations on her left rear flipper,” Sablan said.

That beach goer was David Dick.

“On the left side it had a big gash in it,” Dick recalled. “The right one was all but severed the whole way off.”


That flipper had to be amputated, the other stitched up and three months later, she is back.

With almost a hundred folks cheering her on, the 300 pound, loggerhead sea turtle named Charlotte was released back into the Gulf of Mexico.


As she swam away in familiar waters, a final look back.

“That is a good sign, she’s a fighter,” says Sablan.

Another sea turtle will join Charlotte Thursday. Another loggerhead will be released on Dauphin Island at 11 o’clock from the public beach.

If you see a turtle in distress or injured, call the Sea Turtle Stranding Hotline: 1-866-SEA-TURTLE.

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