Umpqua CC student: ‘People are getting shot. This is real’

Students at the scene of the UCC shooting. (MICHAEL SULLIVAN/The News-Review)

ROSEBURG, Ore. (KOIN) — Umpqua Community College student Lacey Gregory, who is in her first week at the school, said she was sitting in the library when the shooting began that left 13 dead, including the shooter and 20 wounded.

“I am pretty shaken up,” she said. “I saw my friend Alex. He apparently ran past the shooting that was happening into the library to let us know that what was going on was real and people were being shot. I saw people running from the English hall across the courtyard toward every direction. It was crazy.

“I remember getting out of my seat, grabbing by backpack and I was next to my boyfriend. We all got moved to a different location in the library, a more secure one. I just remember standing there. It was scary.”

Gregory said she was maybe 100 yards from the shooter and where the shots were fired.

Her friend, she said, “was yelling through the library, ‘People are getting shot. This is real. It is a shooting. You need to get down!’ We all got escorted into the back of the library and it was really scary.”

She stayed there for as much as a half-hour “crammed together before we were cleared by officers.”

Gregory said the Roseburg police banged on the door. “He had a key to the door and (told us to come out) with our hands up. Our hands came out first and then went over our head as we walked out single-file to where they had claimed a safe zone. From then on we had our hands up and then they searched us one at a time, moved us to a clear zone to be transported out of the area.”

The shooting took place, she said, in the English hall that is not subdivided inside. The fall term at Umpqua Community College just began Monday. It is Lacey Gregory’s first week on the campus.

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