Good Samaritan’s kind gesture ends in armed robbery

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — An Indianapolis man is thinking twice about being a Good Samaritan after police say the person he tried to help robbed him at gunpoint.

It happened on the city’s southeast side in the 1400 block of South East Street.

The 46-year-old Good Samaritan walked away with no injuries. He told 24-Hour News 8 he could not believe that a kind gesture would end in an armed robbery.

It was a late night trip to the Village Pantry on Oct. 3 where Scott Morgan said he will never forget.

“I had my moments where I’ve been a little upset over the situation because I was violated here,” said Morgan. “I was trying to help somebody and they stabbed me in the back.”

Morgan said it was raining that Saturday night. He stopped by the convenience store to pick up a late snack when he saw the teenage boy standing outside underneath the awning.

“I saw him standing under there a little cold and wet, but I didn’t think much of it. I mean, I see people standing under there all the time as when I came out that he asked me for the ride to get to his girlfriend’s,” said Morgan. “I just kind of presumed that he had been walking for a little bit, got half wet, got up underneath the awning and tried to get dried and he still had this far to go.”

Morgan said he felt bad and agreed to give the teen a ride down the street to Wright Street and Terrace Avenue, but the desperate teen had something else in mind.

“As soon as we get down the end of the street, he pulls out a gun and said, ‘give me your money’, and I just looked over him and was like, ‘really?’ He said, ‘yeah, give me your money.’ ‘Dude, I only got four bucks,’” said Morgan.

Morgan said he didn’t have much on him. The teen also demanded his cell phone.

“I mean here I’m going out of my way to help you out and you’re going to rob me? ‘I don’t care, give me your phone.’ Dude, I’ll have this shut off in ten minutes,” said Morgan.

Morgan spent five minutes inside of the car with the suspect before he took off running. He thought about fighting back and chasing after him, but went against the idea.

Morgan said he knows now to be extra careful when lending a helping hand, but said this incident will not change his generous heart.

“If I see someone in need and I feel their worthy of it, I’ll give them that need,” said Morgan. “That’s why I gave him the ride. I felt he was worthy of it. I was wrong and that’s a shame.”

Morgan described the suspect as a teenage boy, believed to be 16 to 18-years-old. He was last seen wearing a dark blue hoodie and had short black hair.

If you know anything about this case you’re asked to call police.

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