Motivation Monday: 3 Simple Ways To Increase Happiness

Have you ever felt like you were in a mental rut? Always doing the same thing day in and day out? Wasn’t life supposed to be different by now? If you’re feeling frustrated or bored, motivational expert Tim Shurr shares a simple 3-Step strategy for increasing your happiness!

Here it is:

3-Step “Happiness Strategy”

  1. Ask yourself, “What do I want to feel in this moment?” William James, the founder of modern psychology, once said, “The greatest discovery of the 20th century is that the quality of your life is directly determined by the quality of your thinking.” Thinking is a process of asking yourself questions and making judgements about everything. Thus, the quality of your life is directly determined by the types of questions you silently ask yourself each moment of the day.
  2. Be intentional. Avoid thinking that life is happening to you, and instead, you decide what emotions you’d like to experience in this moment. Then ask yourself an intentional question. “What would I need to believe, or do, in order to feel this way (in this situation)?” If, for example, you wanted to feel more joy or peace right now, what would you have to think or do to cause this to happen? Your first response might be, “I have no idea” or “That’s not going to happen.” These are fear-based thoughts that will keep you stuck. You must expand your vision of possibility. Imagine you are a powerful soul with unlimited resources and abilities. If that were true, what would be possible then? The answer…anything. (Inspired = In Spirit)
  3. Stay mindful. Once you’ve decided what emotion(s) you’d like to feel in this moment, and you’ve gained insight as to what you’ll need to do to feel this way, ACT on it! Focus only on things that are within your control and keep asking yourself quality questions until you finally find the answers you’re seeking!

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