Why eye exams are so important even if you have 20/20 vision

eyedoc If you’re one of those people with 20/20 vision, you probably think eye exams aren’t for you. Well, Optometrist Dr. Jeremy Ciano says this isn’t true at all! As part of World Sight Day, he explains the importance of regular eye exams and how they are not only necessary, but can help save our sight.

As it turns out, more than 285 million people have vision problems, but 90% of those problems can be prevented, treated or even cured. Here are a few facts that you may not know:

• An estimated 40.9 million U.S. adults wear contact lenses, and many could be at risk for serious eye infections because of poor contact lens wear and care behaviors.
• Tens of millions of U.S. adults enjoy the benefits of contact lens wear, but many of them might be increasing their risk for complications because of poor wear and care behaviors.
• Some of the most common eye-related complaints/issues include dry eye, digital eye strain and contact lens discomfort (especially at the end of the day)

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