Court docs: Man killed for sleeping with another man’s wife

Candelario Cruz-Trujillo (Provided Photo/Johnson County Sheriff's Office)

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. (WISH) — According to court documents, an Indianapolis man killed another man that had been having an affair with his wife.

Candelario Cruz-Trujillo faces murder charges for the shooting of Miguel Hernandez.

According to court documents, Hernandez had been having an affair over the past year with Cruz-Trujillo’s wife, Isabel.

On the morning of Sept. 30, the Greenwood Police Department was dispatched to the Four Seasons restaurant in Greenwood.

Hernandez had been shot multiple times in the parking lot. A witness described seeing a maroon Ford truck leaving the scene.

Investigators spoke with Hernandez’s wife, Anastasia, who told them about the affair. She said that her husband had been in an affair with Cruz-Trujillo’s wife, Isabel. Investigators said that Cruz-Trujillo had recently became aware of the situation and had once visited Hernandez’s home in a red or maroon Ford pickup truck, leading to the police being called. Cruz-Trujillo left before police arrived.

Police were able to track Cruz-Trujillo to a residence in Seymour. They found a maroon Ford F-150 registered to Cruz-Trujillo with large amounts of blood on the steering wheel and in the inside of the cab.

Cruz-Trujillo was eventually taken into custody for operating while never receiving a license. Police say that during an interview, Cruz-Trujillo admitted to shooting Hernandez outside of the Four Seasons restaurant.

Cruz-Trujillo is set for trial in January 2016.

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