South Carolina man digs moat to protect home from flooding

A South Carolina man dug a moat to protect his house from flooding. (WISH Photo)

ANDREWS, S.S. (WBTW/WISH) – As the South Carolina floodwater rises, a man in Andrews has built a moat to protect his home.

George Fulton, who has 30 years of experience with construction equipment, began digging a few days ago.

His daughter came up with the idea Wednesday as the Black River crept up his street.

Water also approached his home nearly 20 years ago. “That’s the only time I’ve seen a little water come is when Hugo come, but this is awful. This caps it,” Fulton said.

The Black River still hasn’t crested. Fulton said he’ll keep digging until it does. “It’s working. That’s all I can say. My wife is tickled to death it’s not on the hardwood floors in the house.”

Fulton also has a water pump picking up access water and dumping it to the other side.

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