Butler-Tarkington residents want more patrols after 4 murders in 2 months

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A glimpse of Malik Perry’s personality is captured in a 30-second cell phone video.

In the video, you see Perry rolling around his Butler-Tarkington neighborhood on skates.

This is an image that brought smiles to Perry’s family and friends, but unfortunately that will be one of the last images of the 19-year-old.

Just after 8:30 Tuesday night, Perry’s body was discovered on the 4100 block of Byram Avenue. The crime scene is less than a block from Perry’s home.

“We hope that anybody that knows anything comes forward,” said Perry’s cousin Mickela Hollinquest.

Perry is the fourth person killed in the Butler-Tarkington area in the last two months. One of the victims include DeShawn Swanson, a 10-year-old boy, who was shot and killed while at a prayer vigil.

“There is a turf war. There is a battle between two groups and most of the homicides we’ve had in this area is over drugs,” said Ten Point Coalition leader Charles Harrison.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department has yet to solve the recent murders in the Butler-Tarkington area.

Damon Lee, a life-long Butler-Tarkington resident, is asking police to increase their presence in the area.

“There should have been a mobile command center over here,” said Lee.

Late Wednesday afternoon, IMPD released details on what the department has been doing since the rash of murders.

The department has been focused on intelligence policing versus flooding the area with officers. According to the department this type of tactic, can result in a perception of less visibility than your normal saturation deployment but it is based on intelligence information to aid investigators.

Here are some examples from IMPD on what the department has been doing in the Butler-Tarkington neighborhood:

  • North District organized and participated in a intelligence-led operation that resulted in several tips for our investigative units that are currently being followed-up on.
  • Officers from shifts participated in community engagement details that included handed out water and information about connecting with neighbors.
  • A consistent level of overtime has been authorized for the area that again has led to several high quality arrest, and intelligence that has aided our investigative units.  The overtime has been varied through shifts and has continued over the last several weeks.  It is expected this overtime will continue for the foreseeable future.
  • A small contingent of officers from across districts (North and East) working to secure intelligence and high level targets.
  • Randomization of all shifts walking foot patrol, bike patrol and mobile roll-calls.
  • Attending several community meetings and vigils.
  • Continual coordinated effort between Operations and Investigative units to solve and address violent crime in the Butler-Tarkington area.

Officers and detectives have also attended several community meetings and vigils.

The latest murder investigation has forced Butler University to call an emergency management meeting for next Monday evening.

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