‘Pence Must Go’ brings in $26K in 7 months

Signs showing up around town in support that Pence must go. (WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Nearly eight months after the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) was signed into law, the controversial legislation is still making headlines.

“RFRA was damaging to people, and did damage to our community, and it was just a way to make a statement,” said Cindy Jackson, who has a “Pence Must Go” sign in her front yard.

The “Pence Must Go” signs started popping up days after Governor Mike Pence signed the law.

Kevin Warren, its creator, says they’ve sold $26,000 in signs and merchandise.

“There’s so many people who are against his policies because he governs with religion and I think our society is tired of that,” said Warren.

The signs cost $10. Their success forced Warren to file with the state election commission.

“Initially, I have to be honest with you, I was surprised because I knew the LGBT community was not enough to turn against Gov. Pence,” said Warren.

Supporters are less surprised.

“I’m not surprised. I am not surprised by that because I think people are very passionate about this issue,” said Jackson.

The issues have since expanded beyond RFRA. Warren is also selling signs calling on updating the state’s civil rights code, and now, including teachers.

“I’m a teacher and I don’t know how anyone who’s a teacher can support Pence,” said John Diercks, who has an “Expel Pence” sign in his front yard.

Warren is selling the signs off of his front porch at 3544 Central Avenue in Indianapolis. Supporters can also donate money to the group’s GoFundMe page and Warren says he’ll mail a sign.

24-Hour News 8’s Jim Shella says the worry for Gov. Pence in his re-election campaign should be less about the money and more about the message.

“The value of these signs is that there’s a public display of displeasure with the governor that he (the governor) gets to see everyday,” said Shella.

Warren says once the governor’s race is over he will donate all leftover money to local LGBT organizations.

Governor Pence’s campaign did not return a request for comment, but he’s said many times that RFRA is behind him and that he’s focused on the economy.

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