Couple holds ‘Back to the Future’ themed wedding in Virginia

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — It’s a day Mark McCloud has dreamed of for decades. His favorite movie growing up was Back to the Future.

“I told myself that if I had to go for it, I had to go for it all the way,” said McCloud. “Told myself if I had a chance to get married on that day I would absolutely take it.”

Mark and his wife, Raquel, not only decided to get married on the day Doc and Marty travel back into the future, but the couple took it up a notch, tying the knot at 4:29 Wednesday afternoon, down to the minute that was in the movie. Mark says he made the decision after meeting Christopher Lloyd at Universal Studios in the early 90s. It was just a matter of getting his future wife on board.

“I was all for it, because we’re both nerds and we know it so I was quite happy to do it that day,” said Raquel.

While Mark picked the date, Raquel planned the wedding.

“She did everything,” said Mark.

Including Back to the Future centerpieces with Doc and Marty figurines, a signed copy of the screenplay and a Back to the Future wedding cake.

“It took a year and a half,” said Raquel.

And to top it all off, a Delorean, which the couple couldn’t even secure until a week ago because of how many had been reserved for major events celebrating the movie across the country.

“We had almost completely given up the idea of finding one,” said Mark.

And while the Delorean doesn’t fly, it still had the McClouds flying in the clouds, surrounded by friends and family.

“I’m absolutely floored right now, like I can’t even describe how happy I am,” said Mark.

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