Local man uses social media to crack case of stolen truck

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Here is a happy ending for an Indianapolis man who thought his prized possession was gone for good. This story shows the power of social media.

Last week we told you about how Devon McVey’s custom, $30,000 truck was stolen right from his driveway while he slept. He took the issue to social media with one single post, and that’s when things snowballed.

McVey can’t hide his happiness.

“I’m so excited. I posted last night, I’m the luckiest man around right now,” said McVey.

He posts to keep his “fan” base updated. Since launching the social media campaign, his truck has been shared tens of thousands of times. Maxed out on Facebook friends, McVey had to start a fan page for his wheels. It now has more than 4,300 likes.

“If it wouldn’t have been for that one post, it never would’ve got out. So, I’m happy,” said McVey.

Tips from his fans led him to the Cincinnati area on two different occasions in the past week. Eventually it was located about 150 miles away, abandoned in a field in Champaign County, Ohio.

Late Wednesday night, McVey got the call he had been waiting for, but it wasn’t exactly the news he’d been waiting for.

“All the blue powder coat parts, they spray painted all the frame, which was so clean. That was the most unique thing about the truck. It’s all completely black now. The shocks are black. Everything that they could possibly do to this truck, they’ve changed,” said McVey.

Still, a changed truck is better than no truck to McVey. He’s turned back to social media to express his gratitude.

“If it wasn’t for social media, we would never of found this truck. The police can only do so much in their control and there’s a lot more people out there. A lot more eyes than the cops have themselves,” said McVey.

The truck was processed for fingerprints and other evidence. As long as it is released, McVey will pick it up Thursday night. He says he’s spoken with his insurance company and the stolen and damaged parts will be covered.

From here on out, McVey says he will lock the truck, store it in the garage and install an alarm system.

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