C. Indiana couple evacuated from hotel in Mexico, take shelter from hurricane

Central Indiana resident Brandon Tancak shared this photo of conditions in Mexicod Friday, oct. 23, 2015. (Photo Courtesy: Brandon Tancak)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A Cloverdale couple is among the thousands of vacationers stranded in Mexico because of Hurricane Patricia.

Brandon Tancak and his wife are taking shelter at a school in Puerto Valillarta instead of the resort they were planning to stay at.

Brandon spoke to 24-Hour News 8 on Friday.

He said it was raining when they arrived. He said he didn’t know of the severe weather headed his way until he got a call from his mom saying she had seen on the newscast here in Indianapolis.

Shortly before we talked with him, he got the word they’d be leaving the resort.

“About 15 or 20 minutes ago they knocked on our door and gave us a letter,” Brandon told 24-Hour News 8 Friday afternoon. “And [they] pretty much gave us 10 minutes to get our belongings and put the patio furniture in the bathtub like they requested and luggage in another bathtub like they requested and meet in the lobby.”

Once in the lobby, Brandon and his wife were given bottled water and loaded up on school buses.

Brandon is tweeting that they were told to expect to stay at the school for at least 24 hours.

This was supposed to be a quick get away weekend without the kids, who are back home in Indiana.

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