Exotic horned animal spotted in Oregon park returned to owner

Erin Walter was hiking in Forest Park when she snapped a picture of the Oryx, Oct. 24, 2015 (KOIN)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A horned, antelope-type animal spotted in Forest Park Saturday morning is back home with its owner after being tranquilized around noon Sunday.

Owner Reed Gleason said Yellow Nose the oryx was tranquilized and taken by trailer back home. A veterinarian shot the animal with a tranquilizer dart. In total, Gleason spent around $2,000 to get Yellow Nose home.

Rick Swart with Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife says it’s not illegal to own a non-native animal in Oregon, like an oryx, but it is illegal to let them into the wild. An oryx is part of the antelope familyand is native to Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

Gleason says he owns 11 of the animals at his Skyline Drive residence. He says oryx are typically desert animals, but they became extinct in their native region of northern Africa.

Two years ago, Gleason says he started with 2 oryx but the herd grew as they continued to reproduce.

Yellow Nose reportedly got out of his enclosure when a contractor left the gate open. Gleason says the oryx was likely spooked by a passing car or dog, and ran a mile and a half away to Forest Park.

Gleason says he owns 11 oryx on his property on Skyline Drive. (KOIN)
Gleason says he owns 11 oryx on his property on Skyline Drive. (KOIN)

“He’s always been a pretty calm antelope but he is second oldest, so he’s not the dominant male and occasionally the dominant male chases everyone around to let them know he’s dominant,” Gleason said. “That might have encouraged him to leave the property, maybe then something scared him.”

A KOIN 6 News viewer was able to snap a few pictures of the oryx on Saturday. Stephen Clark says he saw the animal in Forest Park on Leif Erickson Drive.

People flocked to Forest Park to see if they could get a glimpse of the animal. One couple told KOIN 6 News they saw the oryx sitting on the path, looking nervous. It seemed to be scared of the couple’s dog.

The couple also saw Gleason who was trying to herd the oryx back home.

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