Food pantry will serve students and their familes

The Junior League of Indianapolis has opened its Bulldog Community Pantry to help Stephen Foster Elementary students and their families.

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Many families who may be struggling to buy food can now get the help they need.

The Junior League of Indianapolis (JLI) opened its school-based food pantry at Stephen Foster Elementary School.

The Bulldog Community Pantry will assist Stephen Foster students and their families fill some of their basic needs. The pantry is also being looked at as a way to help the young students succeed in the classroom.

JLI President Michelle Study-Campbell said, “Just like when you’re at your desk working and you’re hungry and you can’t think about anything else other than when you’re going to get a little break to get something to eat and you can’t focus. Imagine being a student  and you’re trying to learn and get ready for a test and prepare but you’re hungry and you can’t really think of anything else. We’re here to kind of knock that out of the way and kind of help people.”

Study-Campbell said the pantry opened last spring on a limited basis. It will now be held at Stephen Foster Elementary School once a week, on either Friday or Saturday, and will be available to the entire school community.

The JLI partnered with Gleaners Food Bank for the Bulldog Community Pantry. It’s the only Gleaners-stocked food pantry within an elementary school.

The JLI provides monetary support to fund replenishment of the pantry’s groceries, as well as the volunteers who maintain and operate this school-based pantry.

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