Teen girl, 2 brothers ID’d as latest Fort Wayne homicide victims

(WISH Photo)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) –  A teenage girl and two brothers are dead following two shootings within a half-day of one another. Those deaths have all been ruled homicides.

According to 24-Hour News 8 sister station, WANE, sixteen-year-old Anastasia Butler and 21-year-old Larry Washington were found shot to death in a parked SUV early Friday morning. Late Thursday morning Washington’s brother 20-year-old Brandon Washington was shot to death in a home on Plaza Drive.

“Based on our investigative process we can see that they are related,” said Officer Micheal Joyner, of the Fort Wayne Police Department. ” This is targeted violence versus random acts of violence.”

Brandon Washington was one of two men shot while inside a home at 5111 Plaza Dr. just before noon Thursday. His body was found by police inside the home. Washington’s death is the county’s 24th homicide of 2015.

Another victim ran from the home after the shooting to a home at 5202 Plaza Drive, where he was recovered by medics and taken to a hospital in serious condition.

Just more than 12 hours later, around 12:45 a.m. Friday, police were called to the 900 block of East Wayne Street on a report of gunshots, and found a man and girl slumped in a blue SUV along the road. Paramedics pronounced them dead inside the vehicle at the scene.

The two were later identified as Larry Washington and Anastasia Butler. The coroner’s office said both died of gunshot wounds, and ruled their deaths the 25th and 26th homicides of the year.

The Fort Wayne Police Department has been working around the clock to investigate the shootings.

“We haven’t stopped. We continue to run down leads, we continue to investigate who is responsible,” said Joyner. ” If we can get the individuals off the street who are responsible, than we are eliminating the problem.”

The shooting happened right behind the East Central Tower and Garden Apartments in Fort Wayne. Residents in that complex are rattled by the murder. One resident is calling on the community to put an end to the violence in Fort Wayne.

“This stuff has got to come to an end,” said Ugertha Smith, a long-time Fort Wayne resident. “People need to get together and do something about it. Give up the information to the police department. If you know who’s around here doing that stuff give it up. If I knew who did it I would give it up.”

That message is one that’s echoed by the Fort Wayne Police Department.

“We are doing what we are capable of doing with all the resources that we have,” said Joyner. “What are we hopeful for? That our community will give us the information necessary for us to make a difference.”

Fort Wayne police have made no arrests in either homicide.

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