IMPD takes down suspected drug trafficking gang

The Pond's Army gang. (Provided Photos/IMPD)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Investigators with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department have taken down another suspected local gang.

According to IMPD, the gang is called the “Pond’s Army,” and it’s accused of drug trafficking in the Indianapolis area.

Photos| Police release mug shots of those arrested 

Deangra Williams worked as a civilian employee for IMPD. She is accused of using her accesses to city records to aid the group’s criminal activity. IMPD received a tip on about Williams’ involvement on Sept. 15, and two days later she was placed on administrative leave without pay. Her computer access has been stripped, and she is up for termination.

Investigators arrested her at her home on the 3000 block of West Michigan. During that process detectives also arrested Bruce Williams.

During the investigation police raided a daycare on the 3100 block of Gerrard Avenue. Inside, police took heroin, cocaine, marijuana, a rifle and three handguns. Included in the stash was $15,000 in cash. A source close to the investigation adds that a fully loaded rifle set in the house in reach of the children. Inside the daycare, police arrested Ramon Fox and his girlfriend, Briana Palmore.

A team of investigators raided seven other locations. In the span of two days, 11 people were arrested, two others were arrested later, and now police are looking for one person at large Jason Simmons.

“We are addressing the top of this organization,” said Marion County Prosecutor Supervisor Ryan Mears.

According to a source, a large portion of the information that led to the arrest came from information off taken off of cell phones.

All 13 suspects are facing gang enhancement charges including drug distribution charges.

In a news conference on Wednesday, IMPD didn’t rule out more arrests.

Officials released the following names of the arrested individuals:
• Leon Craig
• Briana Palmore
• Joseph Hudson
• Thomas Jackson
• Greg William
• Ramon Fox
• Bruce Williams
• Deangra Williams
• Ryan Strohm
• Tyrone Adams
• Stacy Offett

This is just one of a number of gang take downs by IMPD in recent months. In July, the FBI and IMPD arrested 35 people in Operation “Smoke Show,” an effort targeted at catching criminals, many of whom were members of the “Block Burners” gang. After that operation, IMPD Chief Rick Hite sent a message to gang members that is there is a way out. He suggested they call churches in town to do a “safe surrender,” allowing them to learn about programs that could help them start over.

“We’re sending a message for the last time, today is the day to turn your life around. Change your life means saving your life,” said Chief Hite in July.

“This investigation is a continuation of our policing strategy of focusing on people, places and illegal behavior,” said Chief Rick Hite. “We will go where the investigations take us and be transparent in our reporting of them.”

Hite released that statement shortly after the bust became public.

Police are still searching for one member of “The Grundy Crew,” an Indianapolis gang connected to seven homicides.

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