IMPD to increase patrols around mall following shooting

Police respond to Washington Square Mall after a shooting Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2015. (WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – More officers will be watching an Indianapolis mall after three people were shot inside Wednesday.

The images of officers swarming an east side mall following a shooting were fresh on the minds of some shoppers.

“We hear about a lot of violence in Indianapolis, but it just seems kind of crazy you can’t go to the mall and feel safe anymore,” shopper Jacque Rood said.

“I think it’s just sad,” shopper Michael Hubbard said. “That stuff just shouldn’t happen.”

As Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) officers investigate Tuesday’s Washington Square Mall shooting, shoppers aren’t sure how to stop this type of violence.

“I think people need to be comfortable there, and a lot of times increased security makes people feel less comfortable, because you think there’s something going to happen if there’s all these folks walking around with guns everywhere,” shopper James Hubert said.

“I would say maybe just put security at the doors,” Hubbard said. “Screen people, maybe. Ask people how they’re doing.”

To find out what’s being done to keep shoppers safe, 24-Hour News 8 asked officials at Washington Square Mall.

Officials wouldn’t say, but instead they pointed us to IMPD.

“Obviously, they’ll see an increased presence there and I think obviously they’ll see increased presence over the next couple of days of that particular mall,” IMPD Sgt. Kendale Adams said.

Officers say this isn’t just a Washington Square Mall issue. In January, there was gun violence during a fight at the Castleton Square Mall and more officers were added. The mall also handed out letters to parents.

Three years ago, gun shots rang out inside the Lafayette Mall.

“We will reach out to mall to encourage them to have plans in place to deal with these types of issues,” Sgt. Adams said. “Most of the malls are very receptive, including [the Washington Square Mall].”

It’s a message some shoppers need to hear.

“It’s a changing world,” Hubbard said. “It’s always going to be hostile.”

Officers say this increased police presence isn’t going to end over the coming days. It’s almost the holiday shopping season, which is when they’ll have more officers patrolling all area malls.

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