Indy mayoral candidates react to recent crime wave

Indianapolis mayoral candidates Chuck Brewer (left) and Joe Hogsett (right). (WISH Photos)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The candidates for mayor of Indianapolis took turns promising to crack down on crime Thursday.

Democrat Joe Hogsett appeared outside Binkley’s, the northside restaurant that was recently the scene of an armed robbery.

“That is not Indianapolis,” Hogsett said. “That is not something I am willing to accept.”

Republican Chuck Brewer, in an appearance called to take place before Hogsett’s, showed up outside Papa Roux, the east side restaurant that was also the scene of a recent armed robbery.

“We are all fed up with this violence,” Brewer said. “We want and deserve safe neighborhoods.”

Despite the similarities, Brewer did his best to draw a contrast by spelling out his experience as Marine officer.

“My opponent is an attorney and a federal prosecutor,” he said. “He makes decisions behind a desk. I am a strong and proven combat leader. I operate on the front lines.”

It drew this response from Hogsett who said, “If he believes that the U.S. Attorney sits behind a desk everyday he must not know much about what the U.S. Attorney does.”

There to back up Hogsett were leaders of the FOP who previously endorsed him.

Also on hand was Kip Tew, a member of the City County Council seeking re-election. It’s a sign that Hogsett hopes to have coattails on Election night.

The reality is that the two candidates have similar public safety plans, with both calling for 150 new police officers.

Hogsett remains the favorite and Brewer likely hasn’t done enough to spell out their differences on crime or, for that matter, any other issue.

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