IPS approves plan that could give principals more freedom

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Principals in IPS could soon have more say in what happens in their schools.

The IPS school board approved a plan they say will lift up struggling neighborhood schools.

The plan gives principals more freedom to manage their schools.

Advocates say this is important because each school is unique and the school principal knows what is needed the most.

The plan also expands the use of innovation school laws which school officials say would attract new high quality school models in low performing neighborhoods.

Advocates say it could save you tax dollars.

“When you switch to a model that focuses on decision making that is driven at the school level that actually takes decision making out of the central office and into that school which then could shift funding into that school,” said Justin Ohlemiller with Stand Indiana. “We believe the more push for principal freedom and school autonomy which actually will equate to tax payer savings.”

Over 15,000 IPS students currently attend these types of schools.

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