Races to watch in November election

Voters filling in their ballots on Election Day 2014.
Voters filling in their ballots on Election Day 2014.

(WISH) – Voters have some big decision to make when it comes to this November election.

In Indianapolis, Lawrence, Kokomo and Lebanon voters will decide who their next mayor will be. Also in Marion County, City-County councilors are waging a political battle.

Indianapolis Mayor

Mayoral candidates Republican Chuck Brewer and Democrat Joe Hogsett are both looking to expand services and hire additional police officers. During their only televised debate viewers saw that their platforms have some differences, but for the most part they sound alike.

Last week the candidates both reacted to the recent crime in Indianapolis they both promised to crack down on on crime.

“That is not Indianapolis,” Hogsett said. “That is not something I am willing to accept.”

Brewer did his best to show contrast by drawing on his Marine experience. He said “I operate on the front lines.”

City-County Council political battle

For the City-County Council candidates the battle for political control became a big money affair with the first television ads being aired for the candidates.  In District Two, which includes Broad Ripple and other surrounding areas, control is a campaign issue.  Rep. Colleen Fanning says she is in a unique position in the race, while Dem. Kip Tew says Indy would be better off with Hogsett as mayor and he in District Two.

Lawrence Mayor

The race for mayor in Lawrence has already been under fire after Democratic Mayor Dean Jessup was accused of misleading voters after a recent insert in Lawrence water bills. However, Jessup is still a favorite over Republican Steve Collier.

Collier tried to put some pressure on Jessup saying fire department response times took too long. Jessup responded saying that response times are faster than the Indianapolis Fire Department. He also said his opponents are putting the city in a negative light.

In October Collier said he may ask for an investigation into the water bill inserts but wasn’t specific about when he might do that.

Kokomo Mayor

Republican Martha Lake will take on incumbent Democrat Greg Goodnight in the Kokomo race for mayor. Goodnight announced he would run for a third term and continue to make improvements to his hometown.

Lake plans to find a way to make the city better with honesty and integrity and efficient administration.

Lebanon Mayor 

Lebanon could become home to the youngest mayor in the state with 26-year-old Republican Matt Gentry who plans to focus on bringing high-paying jobs to the city and ensuring law enforcement officials have the tools and training for the job.

Gentry is up against Democrat Michele Thomas who plans to take on education and job training and public safety.

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