Election workers optimistic on voter turnout

(WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Election workers in Marion County said Tuesday they were hoping to count a high voter turnout, but early voting numbers were down this year.

County officials said early voting numbers were down more than 30 percent compared to the 2011 mayor’s race.

Marion County Clerk’s Office Deputy Director Russell Hollis said he saw steady traffic at polling places throughout the day. Hollis said one goal for election workers was to see a higher voter turnout than 2011, when about 30 percent of registered voters in the county made it to the polls.

Chelsea Slack is one Marion County resident who said she doesn’t know enough about the candidates to vote. Slack said she didn’t find out Tuesday was Election Day until Monday.

“A lot of times some of the political information I’m getting is just annoying and I just kind of don’t listen to it at all,” Slack said.

Slack said she has friends in her age group who, like her, didn’t end up at the polls.

LJ Johnson of Indianapolis, on the other hand, said he never passes up a chance to vote. Johnson said one reason people don’t vote is because they don’t have a ride to the polls. So after he voted, he spent his day picking up friends and dropping them off.

Marion County Clerk’s Office workers helped organize a public forum last month on the importance of voting. Tuesday, poll workers across the city were hoping that forum pays off.

“We can make a difference. Our vote, our voice. It matters,” poll inspector Diane Mimms said.

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