Police identify man killed on his way to work election polls

Victor Risch (Provided Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — It was an Election Day tragedy as a poll volunteer was hit and killed on his way to his precinct early Tuesday morning.

74-year-old Victor Risch was killed on the 6300 block of South Meridian Street, within plain view of his home.

Victor Risch (Provided Photo)
Victor Risch (Provided Photo)

“That is a person that was supposed to be sharing this day with us, greeting voters and all that,” said fellow poll worker Cindy Moude.

Instead there is an empty chair meant for Risch. He was headed to the Meridian Woods Park Community Center, a polling location. When he didn’t arrive on time, Moude became concerned.

“I called his wife because I wanted to let her know that he didn’t arrive. At that point she said, ‘No. He’s been involved in an accident.’ I said, ‘Is he ok?’ And she said, ‘No. He didn’t make it,'” explained Moude.

He was struck outside his vehicle, according to IMPD Crash Coordinator Sgt. Doug Heustis.

“When he pulled out of his driveway, we believe some stuff fell out of his van. He did a U-turn in the street, came back around, parked his car in the center turn lane. Got out of his vehicle to pick up the stuff and was probably struck at that point,” said Sgt. Heustis.

Trash bags used for Boy Scout fundraising is what police believe fell from his van. Initially authorities were investigating this as a hit-and-run crash. It’s not clear how many drivers were involved.

“It’s possible there’s more than one driver involved. We did have one driver stop and he’s been very cooperative,” said Sgt. Heustis.

His family didn’t want to appear on camera, but described Risch as a loving husband of 44 years to his wife Hazel. He was a Boy Scout leader who loved talking politics. His volunteer work at the polls was very important to him.

“He was someone who a lot of the voters knew and would interact with. He was very good at greeting people. He was good at making people feel comfortable when they came in to vote. That says a lot about him,” said Moude.

Risch leaves behind his wife Hazel, three children, five grandchildren and two nieces who were like daughters to him.

Police are reviewing surveillance captured by a homeowner and are trying to figure out if more drivers were involved. If you have any information that could help in this investigation, contact IMPD or Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS.



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