Indianapolis triathlete proves age is just a number

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – At the age of 75, a central Indiana woman is proving there is no age limit for learning new skills, attempting new challenges and striving to meet goals.

Carol Frolich has lived many titles including wife, mother, professional violinist with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, missionary and most recently triathlete.

A mission trip to Kenya in 2013 moved Frolich to better improve her fitness she said in order to keep pace with the group from her church and to prepare for an unfamiliar environment.

She became a member of the Jordan YMCA and paired with personal trainer Mark Ewing in November 2012.

Encouraged by Ewing, the head coach of the center’s endurance sport training club, Frolich became the oldest member of MultiFit and according to teammates, quickly one of the most inspirational.

“You look at Carol and she’s the perfect example of being able to do those things, still at that age,” fellow MultiFit member Mandy Witmer said. “People in their 70s can still have goals, even if they’re just starting off.”

In August 2014, Frolich completed her first sprint triathlon. She swam 400 meters, biked 12 miles and walked 3.1 miles with artificial knees. Ultimately, four more triathlon finish lines would be crossed along with her participation in countless organized 5K walks.

“Somebody telling me that I could do it was enough to say, he believes in me enough that I could try this,” Frolich said. “It doesn’t have to do with age, it just has to do with attitude.”

On Saturday, Frolich is signed up to walk the 5K route of the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon but 3.1 miles aren’t all she has been working toward. Her coach and trainer has suggested she walk the course twice, once for time and again for the fun and accomplishment.

“It’s a matter of just building the strength and building the endurance and sticking with it. I think I can do that,” she said.

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