Kokomo keeps incumbent mayor Goodnight for third term

(WISH Photo/Laura Kennedy)

KOKOMO, Ind. (WISH) – The Democrat mayor incumbent, Greg Goodnight is still the mayor of Kokomo on after the election on Tuesday night.

Republican Martha Lake ran against Mayor Goodnight for his third term, but was unable to beat him.

Goodnight had promised during his campaign to continue to make improvements to his hometown, while Lake said that she would make the city better with honesty, integrity and with an efficient administration.

After the election, Goodnight thanked supporters and promised to continue work he began in his first two terms.

“People of Kokomo sent a message tonight. They want to live in a positive community that’s welcoming to everyone, that’s open to new ideas, to fresh ideas,” he said.

He’s looking forward to continuing projects and tackling issues like improving roads and sidewalks in residential areas.

“Everything we try to do is a pretty simple process, it’s trying to make the city cleaner, safer, more welcoming,” he said,” Having housing options for people in all socioeconomic statuses,” said Goodnight.

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